Afro Hair Transplant In Turkey

Afro hair transplantation is a very common procedure in Turkey. In this process, the hair taken from the donor area is transplanted into the recipient area. This process, which takes place with a simple process, is preferred by many people.

African American women and men can have this hair transplant if they meet the desired qualifications. Afro hair transplant is similar to other hair transplant treatments. The hair is taken from the donor area with a piercing tool used in this process. These hairs are then placed in the desired areas together with their roots. As a result of correct and appropriate angles, the desired successful results are obtained. Source-> Afro Hair Transplant in Turkey

Afro Hair Transplant In Turkey

Afro Hair Transplant In Turkey FAQ

Is It Possible To Have A Hair Transplant For Afro Hair?

Hair transplant is possible for African Black people. Especially many people with Afro hair face conditions such as hair loss and baldness. The root and curly character of Afro hair have a special structure. Therefore, there are difficult stages during planting. Some conditions must be met in these difficult stages.

In young people, hair transplantation often causes an unrealistic appearance. Therefore, the advice of doctors is that people over the age of 30 should have this hair transplant. In addition, the area at the back of the head and its sides must be suitable for donor hair transplantation. Thus, high-quality hair in the donor area will be used. If there is no health problem in the patient, it will be suitable for hair transplantation.

Afro hair transplant does not differ from other hair transplants. Adhering to the same principle, hair follicles are taken from the donor area. It is then planted in the desired area. To achieve the most natural results successfully, attention should be paid to the right angle and direction. In this way, an aesthetic appearance can be obtained.

Before performing the hair transplant, you will be presented with two options. Possible techniques you can choose in Afro hair transplantation are:

FUE hair transplantation: It is one of the most preferred methods in African hair transplantation. In this process, a natural and thick-looking appearance emerges. To ensure the originality of the hair, your surgeon will act by determining the natural direction and angle of your angle.

DHI hair transplantation: It is a preferred method in addition to FUE in African Americans. This method is known as a top model of FUE. DHI has incision and implantation stages that differ from FUE. But it uses the same technique.

Afro hair transplantation has a longer period than other hair transplantations. There are some risks in this hair transplant:

  • Your hair will start to shed after transplantation. But this is an expected side effect. In this way, it will be a preliminary step for the formation of healthier hair in the future.
  • You may also encounter conditions such as itching, the possibility of folliculitis, and scarring. Situations like these can hinder your healing process. However, it is unlikely that you will encounter such situations. Thanks to expert surgeons and successful teams, the possibility of such side effects will be minimized.

The prices of afro hair transplantation you can choose in Turkey are very suitable for European patients. It is possible to get many services in most clinics in Turkey. In particular, many packages are offered to you, including your treatment cost, hotel accommodation, medications, and translator. The additional services you will encounter in these packages are:

  • Accommodation in many successful hotels
  • Providing transportation to the places you want with VIP transfers
  • Performing your transactions better with the translator
  • Special techniques for pre-operative haircuts
  • Treatment drugs
  • Completion of your specific requirements after your surgery

Such services are offered to you in packages. After choosing the package that suits you, you can get all the services from the clinic you have agreed with. In the package options that are suitable for you, all options will be found for you to receive the best services.

Afro hair transplantation takes place with the movement of healthy follicular segments behind the scalp. Therefore, the transplanted hair follicles will be immune to hair loss. In this case, a permanent treatment for hair loss will be achieved with afro hair transplantation. For this reason, afro hair transplantation is among the most preferred methods by people. In addition, the success rate of your procedure will increase depending on the expertise and experience of your doctor.

Afro hair transplantation does not involve a painful process. In this process, the local anesthetic application is applied to you. Therefore, you may encounter a situation of irritation. But its duration is very short. You will not experience pain until the treatment is complete. Some patients may experience mild pain after surgery. These pains, which will last for a few days, may continue to be felt for two weeks.

If professional experts and a successful team are preferred in Afro hair transplantation, the best results will be seen. Generally, the success rate of afro hair transplants is high. However, this hair transplant takes a long time compared to other hair transplants. For this reason, it may take a long process to achieve the hair type you want. Your doctor's sensitivity will reveal success.

Afro hair transplant operations are safe. However, if you want to get information about the process at the end of the operation, you should apply to your institution. In this way, you will be able to evaluate your health status together with the surgeons and specialists who operated.

Encountering scars in Afro hair transplantation depends on the techniques. Men with Afro hair may prefer FUE instead of FUT operation for short hair. The FUE technique, which allows eliminating of visible scars, has been preferred by everyone frequently. In addition, those with AFro hair may prefer the FUT technique if they care about reducing the appearance of scars.

Afro hair transplantation can be performed on all male and female patients. In addition, this procedure can be preferred for patients with hairless Afro hair. In this case, there are some advantages provided to patients. These advantages are:

Thanks to the curly hair roots, a fuller and thicker appearance appear on the head. In this way, the patient who has a natural hair appearance will have a more satisfied attitude.

Here are the things you need to do before the Afro hair transplant treatment:

  • Take care to stop tobacco and alcohol consumption one week before your operation takes place.
  • You should be careful to stop the drugs that will affect your blood 10 days before.
  • You should try not to cut your hair for at least 2 weeks. In this way, your doctor will better examine the hair grafts in your hair.
  • In addition, your doctor will give you instructions about all the information that will facilitate your treatment process before surgery. Thus, by following those instructions, you can complete your hair transplant.

After your Afro hair transplant, the care process awaits you. You can achieve successful results by doing this maintenance process in the best way. Therefore, you should take care to follow the instructions your doctor gives you after the operation. After Afro hair transplantation, you should keep the transplanted area clean with hair care products. You will also need to use the medicines your doctor has given you. While cleaning the transplanted areas, you should pay attention to the parts where the surgery takes place. You should also keep those areas away from sweating and dusting. You should learn all the details about the care process that will be given to you as a result of the surgery.

Turkey is among the most popular countries for Afro hair transplants. Due to the occurrence of such health problems in the country, many people prefer hair transplantation. That's why you should first choose a good clinic to have your afro hair transplant. In this way, thanks to the success of your clinic, you will have the opportunity to work with the professional surgeon and his team. Here are some options you should also consider:

  • Preferring and working with experienced specialist surgeons
  • They will be formed as a result of devotions
  • Being an institution where you can achieve consistent results
  • Being a hospital without high and inappropriate prices
  • By paying attention to these options, you will be able to perform the hair transplant you want in Turkey.

Afro Hair Transplant Cost In Turkey


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