Brachioplasty in Turkey

Every aspect of problems in the body can be addressed by cosmetic surgery. Brachioplasty (Arm lift and/or arm thinning) procedures are becoming more popular in the upper portion of our arms, which is gaining attention in the regions that are wanted to be fixed. Upper arm skin, also known as the biceps skin, may begin to droop as a consequence of the natural aging process and, particularly, as a result of gaining and losing excessive weight.

People who wear short-sleeved clothing and raise their arms may find these scenarios very awkward due to their sagging arms. This condition may be resolved with the use of arm lift aesthetics, also known as Brachioplasty.

Brachioplasty in Turkey

Brachioplasty in Turkey FAQ

What Is a Brachioplasty Surgery?

While trying to lose weight quickly, the upper arm area also loses extra weight following bariatric (stomach reduction, tube stomach, gastric bypass) procedures loosens and sags because of time. A large number of individuals are dissatisfied with this condition. The need for an arm lift surgery aka Brachioplasty arises when there is an excessive looseness and sagging. Here are some of the properties of a Brachioplasty.

  • It is possible to combine Brachioplasty surgery with a liposuction surgery or to do stretching surgery on its own.
  • It normally takes about 1-2 hours to complete the process.
  • Consequently, there will be a scar that will extend into the armpit region as well as the inside surface of the arm. Early in the healing process, the scar becomes red then pink before becoming more or less the same color as your skin and becoming indistinct towards the conclusion of three to six months of healing.
  • Patients usually wear a corset after the procedure.
  • On either side of the arms, there is a drain. A night's stay in the hospital is not required for this procedure. The following day, your drain can be removed.
  • For the first week, you will be subjected to strict clothing supervision. The following year, you will have monthly check-ups.

Sagging happens in the arm region as a result of the effects of gravity, age, genetic structure, excessive weight gain, exposure to the sun, and other factors. Often associated with fat buildup and skin sagging is the drooping of the back and inner regions of the arm, which are characterized by looser skin and subcutaneous tissue in this area.

Brachioplasty is a procedure that may be performed on both men and women who have loose, extra fat, and excess skin on their arms. Among those who may benefit from this procedure are:

  • Bariatric surgery (tube stomach surgery) patients and other people who have shed an excessive quantity of weight
  • People over the age of 50 who have wrinkled skin and have lost their elasticity
  • Patients with loose arm skin on their arms who try dieting and exercising however failing to tighten their arms.

Lifting the arms by surgery has a high success rate as well as an immediate and noticeable outcome. Preoperatively, the patient is subjected to a series of tests, examinations, and analyses to establish the root cause of his or her drooping arm. A treatment technique is chosen following these findings. The surgical approach to be used is determined by the rate at which the skin sags and the thickness of the subcutaneous adipose tissue underneath it. The thickness of the skin may be overly thick if there is skin loosening caused by weight gain and decrease. In the next step, the use of liposuction may be required. If liposuction is required, the excess skin is surgically removed after liposuction, followed by the surgical removal and disposal of the extra skin on the arm. Local anesthetic is used during the arm lift procedure. One and a half to two hours is about how long it will take to perform the procedure. Arm lift surgery, on the other hand, may be done under general anesthesia in some individuals. Staying in the hospital for one day after the procedure is highly suggested but not compulsory.

Brachioplasty is a rather straightforward procedure. If the Brachioplasty surgery is conducted under local anesthetic, the patient can walk immediately after the procedure and may be released shortly after. Typically, patients are released the next day after having arm surgery done under a general anesthetic. A sense of discomfort in the location where the surgery was done is usual after a surgical procedure. To cope with the discomfort, some painkillers are usually prescribed by the surgeon. The region where the application is applied may show signs of edema and swelling after the procedure. In most cases, they will go away on their own within two to three weeks. Following Brachioplasty surgery, it is not advisable to carry heavy weights for at least two to three weeks.

In the arm region, the lack of sagging and looseness, the thinness of the arm, as well as the tightness of the arm skin, all contribute to the appearance of being aesthetically pleasing. When it comes to making the arm region thin, fat is removed from this area to minimize its thickness, and as a result, the arm is made thinner. Fat removal from the arm region is accomplished using the liposuction technique. The liposuction procedure may be used to eliminate fat from the inside arm and shoulder region. For those with excess skin on their arms, Brachioplasty may be used to tighten up the skin on their arms, which can be quite effective. These operations, on the other hand, may be done alone or in combination with fat removal from other regions of the body.

During the first two days, you may experience pain such as tightness and a burning feeling in your muscles. There are oral drugs that may help to alleviate these symptoms. Other than that it is not uncomfortable to have Brachioplasty surgery performed on one's arm.

Although it is not feasible to achieve a 100 percent permanent surgical stretch, the patient should be aware that he or she will never be able to return to his or her previous state. In these procedures, extra fat, and skin, if any, are removed from the patient. The structure of the residual skin tissue will indicate what may happen in the future. People who have extensive stretch marks or who have seen significant weight changes may have loosening in the future. The likelihood of having to have Brachioplasty surgery again is quite low. If an unsatisfactory operation was conducted during the initial stretching surgery and the stretching could not be completed entirely, undergoing a second arm-stretching cosmetic procedure may be required.

It is not feasible to leave any scars on the patient after the liposuction and radiofrequency operations that were performed during the thinning of the arm and the elimination of minor sagging. When extra skin is taken from the arm during Brachioplasty surgery, plastic surgeons try to conceal the incisions as much as possible. However, there can be a thin line that is imperceptible when the patient elevates his or her arm. Even though the forms and thicknesses of the scars vary depending on the patient's skin quality and skin color, the scars will develop as a thin line after an average of 9-12 months.

If the amount of drooping and looseness is not excessive, and depending on the condition of the skin, the liposuction procedure may be used solely to eliminate fat buildup. This approach will be sufficient on its own. For those with excessive sagging skin, Brachioplasty should be done in combination with liposuction to get the desired results.

With the use of cream or exercise, it is possible to provide temporary relief from arm sagging. Patients suffering from severe arm sagging may only be permanently relieved of their symptoms by surgery, which is the only permanent cure available.

It is possible to detect that your arms have thinned immediately after arm lift surgery, but you will not see the complete benefits for many weeks due to bruising and swelling. From the fourth week on, the edema will have decreased by 80 percent, and you will be able to perceive the significant improvement. The scars in the armpit and arm region will begin to diminish after the third month and will eventually fade to the same color as the skin and become unclear after one year.

Brachioplasty surgery is widely used nowadays and has many advantages. Some of these advantages include:

  • After Brachioplasty surgery, the arm tissue tightens and takes on a younger aspect, resulting in a more youthful appearance.
  • Brachioplasty surgery makes use of stitches that dissolve on their own.
  • It is difficult to see the scar from the back or the front of the arm after Brachioplasty surgery since it is located on the inside of the arm.
  • After a while, the clarity of the scars deteriorates.

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