Breast Enlargement in Turkey

Breast enlargement, also known as breast augmentation and breast implant. It is a frequently preferred surgery among women who are not satisfied with the appearance of their breasts.

If you have small breasts and this bothers you in some way and makes you feel bad, you can choose breast enlargement. Breast enlargement can also be preferred to recover sagging breasts after childbirth and breastfeeding. Breast enlargement is a plastic surgery performed to change the shape, size, and form of the breasts.

This surgery, which is preferred by many famous models and actors around the world, helps women feel better and feminine by renewing their self-confidence. Breast enlargement surgery also helps to reconstruct the breasts after breast cancer surgery.

Breast Enlargement in Turkey

Breast Enlargement in Turkey FAQ

In what cases can breast enlargement be performed?

Women who think that their breasts are small and are not compatible with their body shape may prefer breast enlargement to adjust the breast-hip ratio. In addition, breast enlargement can be applied with breast lift as the breasts sag and shrink after pregnancy. On the other hand, if there is a disturbing asymmetry in the breasts, this problem will be eliminated with breast enlargement. With breast tissue removal after breast cancer, this situation can be corrected again thanks to breast enlargement.

There are 2 alternatives for breast enlargement. The first is the fat transfer taken from the body into the breast, while the second is the implant application.

Breast enlargement with fat injection is frequently preferred by people who do not want to have and use silicone prostheses. In order for fat injection to be successful, excess body fat to be taken from the patient's body by liposuction must be injected into the breasts. After the body fat is removed by liposuction, it is separated and the beneficial part of the fat is injected into the breasts. Injected body fat is rich in cells and contributes to breast enlargement by improving skin quality. Over time, the effect of fat injection may decrease. If a breast lift is also requested, injection is not the right option. Implants should be preferred for more permanent solutions.

Breast enlargement with an implant is the process of placing silicone implants in the breast in its most basic form. Implants are selected in shape and size in line with the patient's expectations. There are 3 different incision procedures. These are the incision made around the nipple, the incision made from the folds under the breast, and the incision made under the armpit. After you have decided on the size and shape you want, which incision type will be better for you, you can decide in consultation with your doctor. It can be preferred together with breast lift operation for better results.

The breast enlargement process takes approximately 1-2 hours depending on the size and shape desired by the patient. The patient can be discharged on the day of surgery or spend that day in the hospital and be discharged the next day. After surgery, 2 days of rest is recommended. Patients usually do not have pain after the operation, but the feeling of swelling in the breasts may be uncomfortable until they get used to it, this is very normal. The person can return to her normal life in 3-4 days, there is no harm in this

After the surgery, the existing swelling decreases over time and does not disturb the person. If the implant is placed under the muscle, the person may feel slight pain while moving for the first few days. A small bandage is placed over the incision and the patient is asked to wear a sports bra over this bandage. The reason for this is the necessity of applying pressure to the relevant area. The shower should not be taken for the first 3 days, but on the 3rd day, the patient can take a shower without removing the bandage. The patient should wear a sports bra to apply pressure for a month. The person can return to her normal life in 3-4 days, there is no harm in this. In order to avoid possible damage and to prevent the area from being damaged, the person should avoid physical activities for 2 months.

The size and shape of the implant are left to the preference of the patients. You are the person who will determine the implant that will be suitable for your lifestyle, the clothes you wear, your working environment, your sports habits, your character, your style, and many other features. If you have an active job, such as an athlete or a dancer, very large implant selections may cause difficulties in your business life.

Implants that are similar to normal breast tissue in terms of shape and hardness are now used through developing technology. For this reason, it is very difficult to say whether the breasts are implants or not. Since patients generally prefer natural-sized implants, the implants look very natural on the body. So, they are not.

Yes. As a result of the researches, it is seen that the implants do not harm breastfeeding. It is also known that no traces of silicon are found in the breastmilk.

Yes. However, existing scars disappear between 6 months and 1 year.

Breast enlargement can be applied to all individuals over the age of 18. It cannot be done to children under the age of 18 without parental consent.

Smoking puts pressure on blood vessels. The mentioned area needs more blood flow than normal after the surgery. For this reason, it is very important not to smoke during the healing process.

Although it is not very common, it is normal to feel bloated for a while. As the body gets used to and accepts the implants, the feeling of bloating and numbness will decrease over time.

A breast enlargement operation is performed while the patient is under general anesthesia. For this reason, it is not possible for the patient to feel any pain.

Yes, depending on the job you do. If you are working at a desk job, you can return to work a few days after the operation. However, if you have a job that requires heavy physical activities, the healthiest thing for you would be to take 1-2 weeks off from work.

Nipple sensitivity returns to normal after breast enlargement operation. Sometimes there is an increase or decrease in nipple sensitivity. However, a complete loss of sensitivity was not observed. So no, the sensitivity may change but not completely disappear.

Yeah. The materials used do not have any adverse effects on human health.

If you exercise regularly, you can start exercising by changing your routine a little two weeks after the surgery. You can start with cardio movements such as walking on a treadmill or going uphill. After a month, you will be able to do most exercises except weight lifting. By six weeks you will usually recover completely and you can resume all exercises.

Although there are a few side effects such as shoulder stiffness, numbness, and tingling, you do not need to worry about possible side effects if you perform your surgery in a specialist clinic. Breast enlargement surgery is performed safely and is preferred and safely used by thousands of women around the world.

The safest and most comfortable sleeping position for patients after breast enlargement surgery is the supine sleep position supported by pillows. In this way, your breasts will not get stuck and will not bother you.

Turkey has more affordable fees in aesthetic operations compared to other countries. Although the price varies according to the size and shape you want, you can have breast enlargement surgery with prices starting at EUR 2700.

Breast Augmentation Cost in Turkey


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