Breast Lift in Turkey

Breast lift surgery (mastopexy) is done to restore drooping to the breasts, even when there is no significant concern with the breast’s overall volume. During the procedure, the superfluous breast skin is removed, the breast tissue is shaped, the nipple is placed into an appropriate position, and the dark-colored region (areola) around it is minimized. The procedure takes about one hour. This provides the breasts with a more upright and fresh shape.

The following are some of the reasons why women choose to get breast lift surgery:

  • Breasts lose their firmness, become hollow, and droop as a result of this process
  • Because of sagging, the nipple is pointing downwards
  • Having one breast that is noticeably softer and sagging in comparison to the other breast

Breast Lift in Turkey

Breast Lift in Turkey FAQ

What Are the Degrees of Sagging in The Breasts?

Breast sagging may be divided into the following categories.

  • Slight drooping occurs at the level of the lower crease of the nipple and is not very noticeable.
  • The nipple is pointing forward; however, it seems to be 1-3 cm below the bottom crease of the breast, resulting in moderate drooping of the breast.
  • The nipple is pointing downwards, indicating severe sagging. In most women, the nipple is located 3-4 centimeters below the lowest crease of the breast. In this case, the breast tissue is loose and drooping, yet the nipple can still be seen above the bottom crease of the breast.

Breast lift surgery is conducted using procedures and ideas that are similar to those used in breast reduction surgery. It only applies to changes in the contour of the breast, not to any loss in breast tissue volume. During surgery, the over-enlarged dark region (areola) surrounding the nipple may also be decreased if this is deemed required by the surgeon. Most of the time, in the case of first-degree drooping, if there is no extra skin, a breast lift and augmentation may be accomplished with merely a breast prosthesis, leaving no visible scars. For women with second-and third-degree sagging, if there is significant volume loss in the breast tissue, it may be required to use a breast prosthesis in conjunction with the removal of superfluous skin as well as the recovery and shape of the underlying breast tissue.

In the aftermath of the procedure, the nipple rises to a higher elevation, closer to its natural position. The procedure to be used on the patient is determined by the plastic surgeon depending on the amount of breast tissue to be removed, the amount of drooping in the breasts, and other considerations. A general anesthetic is used during the procedure, which takes place in a hospital setting. Following the patient's body measurements, the new position and diameter of the nipple and ring are computed and drawn using specified anatomical locations to accommodate the patient's new dimensions. In the proper places, any excess skin is removed using a razor. The nipple is raised to the proper elevation where it should be at all times. Between now and then, a very little piece of the link between the nipple and the milk-producing ducts is severed. Infection, hemorrhage, and hematoma are some of the rare complications that might arise after surgery.

The scars left behind after breast lift surgery are first red, then purple, and finally pink in color. They are entirely gone 6 months to 1 year after the procedure is completed. They are often ambiguous. According to experience, most people who are pleased with the newly developed breast shape do not express dissatisfaction with the residual scar. Hypertrophic scarring and keloid development are associated with a genetic propensity, and a person who has this illness should notify their physicians if their wounds heal with extensive scarring. Nevertheless, several applications will be designed to minimize the scarring that may develop as a result of the procedure.

A breast lift and an augmentation may both be done at the same operation if both procedures are required. In order to produce a larger look of the breasts, breast lift surgery (mastopexy) may not be sufficient on its own. During the same session as the breast lift or at least 6 months following the lift, a breast prosthesis of the appropriate volume can be implanted.

"How much does breast lift surgery cost?" is one of the most often asked questions from patients thinking about getting surgery. The kind of breast lift surgery conducted, the type of therapy you need, and the interventions you will get in the hospital because of your health condition may all influence the cost of your breast lift procedure. At the same time, the pricing policy of the hospital, as well as the cosmetic surgeon who will do the breast lift surgery, are significant considerations to consider.

In recent years whether there is a non-surgical breast lift procedure available or not has been a widely discussed topic. Several natural approaches may be used to accomplish your goals without the need for surgery. However, they are not as effective as breast lift surgery. When the breast is folded, the nipple or tip is usually at or slightly above the fold line. If the nipple is located below this line, raising is not feasible without surgical intervention to correct the problem. Breast raise massages or creams, on the other hand, may be utilized if the breast size is not below this line.

Age, previous or anticipated pregnancy and breastfeeding (including duration), previous breast surgery, birth control, psychotropic (drugs that affect brain function) or hormone drugs, other chronic drug use, a history of rapid or excessive weight loss, bleeding, and coagulation disorders are the most crucial aspects to consider before having a breast lift surgery. Measurements such as height, weight, body mass index (BMI), rib cage abnormalities, breast position, nipple placement, areola width (typical 4-4.5 cm) and asymmetry, breast volume, skin quality, and the existence of cracks are all also taken into consideration. Patients with a lower breast position and no substantial sagging are unlikely to benefit from mastopexy surgery.

It will be helpful for you to remain in the hospital for an additional night after the operation, as patient care and a sense of trust will be enhanced. Following the procedure, there is no significant discomfort. Painkillers may be used to alleviate the discomfort that will eventually emerge. Three days following the procedure, a bandage will be put to the anterior region of the chest to keep the area protected. Taking a shower is possible after the bandage has been removed. Following the application of the bandage, the patient will wear a sports bra. During the first month, the patient should pay close attention to his or her physical movements and refrain from participating in vigorous activity. Because the stitches are formed using self-melting threads, they do not need to be removed when they are completed. By the end of the first month, the new breast form will begin to take shape and become stable. Approximately 6 to 1 year after the procedure, the patient's breast form will be completed.

Breast lift surgery is a procedure that is conducted based on the state and anatomy of the breast. When doing a breast lift, the breast's own tissue is utilized if there is excessive drooping as determined by the state of the breast. However, in the case of tiny and sagging breasts, a silicone attachment from below is employed to provide support. It is never necessary to injure the mammary glands during reduction surgery in women with enormous breasts or in patients who have used silicone prostheses before the procedure. As a result, mothers may still breastfeed after the procedure.

Following breast lift surgery, the breasts seem firm and elevated for some time. Over time, it softens and sags a little, giving it a slightly upturned aspect that is natural to the species. Because of the technique used in the operation and the structure of the breast, it takes a long time for the breasts to sag after they have been lifted. However, if silicone is used in the operation and the silicone used is a high-density silicone, there will be some sagging in the breasts due to the advancement of age and the effect of gravity after the operation. Also, if you gain weight after having the surgery, the larger breasts may sag again when you lose that weight you acquired.

Breast Lift Cost in Turkey


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