Hair Transplant For Women in Turkey

The hair loss problem discomforts both men and women, and it is a stressful situation. For women, hair care has always been one of the essential factors for women’s appearance. Studies and researches show that one out of five women faces the problem of hair loss to some extent.

The hair loss situation for women is mainly reasoned by illness, aging, hormonal changes due to the menopause phase of life. Compared to men, women generally do not experience balding sites on their scalp. However, most women struggle with a harassing thinning problem all over the hair of the head. Source-> Hair Transplant For Women in Turkey

Hair Transplant for women in Turkey

Hair Transplant For Women FAQ

How Much Does A Women Hair Transplantation Surgery Cost?

The price of a hair transplantation operation for women mostly depends on the complexity of the process, the number of hair follicles to be transferred, and the clinic's location. As the number of factors affecting the cost of hair transplantation is many, the price of an operation ranges from 3,000 dollars to 15,000 dollars.

In most cases, hair transplantation for both men and women is a permanent solution. A hair transplantation surgery provides patients with a natural and more comfortable look. However, as the pattern of hair loss cases differs in women than men, the operation might be more complex than the men cases.

Hair loss cases in women are not reversible. Proper treatment can avoid the loss of hair yet also prevents growing new follicles, leading to a thinning problem eventually.

The process of hair transplantation in women differs from the operation for men. In women’s hair transplant operations, it is crucial to extract hair follicles from denser scalp sites and then replant extracted grafts into balder places.

Hair loss problems in women could be apparent for the entire scalp. In contrast, the case for men differs from the women, as the balding pattern mostly appears on the top of the patient's scalp, also known as the "crown" site. Due to the unbalance between the men's scalp, they can have healthy follicles from the back of the scalp and transfer these grafts to the suffering areas.

However, women suffer the hair loss situation on their entire scalp as they lack a suitable donor site.
Besides all, as the process of balding and thinning changes more in women, generally, the potential donor sites of the women are fewer than the men's

Hair transplantation operation for women is often more complex and challenging than the men's case. However, with a skilled and educated surgeon team and a patient who is suitable for the operation, a fuller look is possible for women suffering from hair loss issues.

Yet, like every other surgery, there are some risks and side-effects of the hair transplant operation for women.

These are the following side-effects for women hair transplant operation;

  • Due to the defensive immune system, newly transplanted hair follicles might be rejected and attacked by the system. Hence, infectious reactions could occur at the processed parts of the patient's scalp.
  • Near the processed sites, patients might experience crust and mucus flow.
  • Patients could experience itchiness, irritation of the skin, and inflammation feeling across the implant sites of the scalp.
  • Bleeding could also be experienced due to the operation
  • Having scars is the most known side-effects of the surgery. However, in newly innovated hair transplantation methods, the wounds are little white dots that are barely visible.
  • Some parts of the hair could be apparently thinner if the critical factors related to the implanting phase are neglected. These factors are the angle of the growth and the proper density amount for the problematic area.
  • Patients could also experience folliculitis. It is a common situation where the follicles of hair are getting infectious due to bacteria. Folliculitis makes itself apparent with the bit of red dots on the surface of the scalp. In that case, patients are advised to get into contact with their doctors as soon as possible.

The recovery phase of the hair transplantation operation for woman mostly last two weeks. Some patients fully heal in just a week. Going back to everyday daily life and to work-life takes the same amount of time as full recovery. Besides all, patients shall be aware of the following facts:

  • Even though the healing phase could mostly be generalized, each patient's recovery phase is unique for their's specialized situations.
  • After the first two or three days, the first phase of the healing period is completed. In the first few days, patients are suggested to wear soft wearing so as to secure the bandage.
  • The newly implanted follicles of hair might fall off for two or three weeks after the hair transplantation surgery. It is a typical situation for hair growth, and patients do not need to worry about it. The remaining hair grafts reach the growth phase after some weeks.
  • Patients are advised to avoid consuming cigarettes, alcohol, and caffeine-containing beverages.
  • Patients should know that the first three months after the operation is the resting phase of the planted hair follicles. During this time, the patient's scalp will look the same as before the surgery, and this situation is also the regular phase of the hair growth cycle. Patients shall keep following the doctor's after operation care instructions strictly.

Studies and experts suggest that a small percentage of women are suitable for a hair transplant operation. Between 2 percent and 5 percent of women are suffering from hair loss problem that requires a solution. The potential candidates mostly have the following situations:

  • Experiencing the hair loss issue due to non-hormonal factors such as seasonal changes, physical damage, or traction alopecia. Traction alopecia is the damaged hair roots due to physical interactions. Some hairstyles preferred by most women have also hurt hair roots and caused traction alopecia in extended usage.
  • Women suffering hair loss problems because of traumas such as burns, accidents, and chemicals exposures
  • Women with balding problems are similar to men. Problems include crown thinning and hairline recession.

The hormone that is related to the hair loss issue is the same hormone for both men and women. DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) is a hormone that is a byproduct of testosterone hormone. And both men and women keep producing testosterone hormones.

The operation of hair transplantation is painless and straightforward as the implant area will be numbed with local anesthesia application.

It is essential for potential woman patients to check clinics' and doctor's webpages online and read creditable websites’ customer review pages.

Besides that, each doctor has expertise in various specific fields. Patients shall know and match the particular area that is related to their hair loss problem and the expertise field of their surgeon.

As long as the procedure is done correctly and instructions are followed strictly by a skilled and experienced surgeon staff, hair transplantation operation is safe for women. However, all surgical operations, including a hair transplantation operation, involve some risks. These risks are scalp inflammation and pain, edema, and scars which are already mentioned in this article.

However, unlike most other surgical operations, the hair transplant operation does not involve deadly risks due to human mistakes. The risks of general anesthesia include allergies that might be fatal. So in most hair transplantation methods, local anesthesia is applied to the sites instead of general anesthesia.

Hair Transplant For Women Cost in Turkey


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