Hair Transplant In Turkey

Turkey is one of the leading countries around Europe in the health tourism sector, especially in the transplant sector. The country offers knowledgeable and skillful doctors, devices with advanced technologies at affordable prices. Patients from 6 continents of the globe arrive in Turkey to heal, find medical solutions and get health consultant services.

For each year, approximately 1.7 million visitors visit Turkey to enjoy its health services of good quality. Foreigners often prefer Turkish clinics in many sectors such as plastic surgery, skin diseases, hair transplant operations, etc. The country provides these services at a low cost but with advanced technology and quality extents. Besides getting medical services both physically and mentally, patients of relatives also enjoy countries touristic and historical sites and have a good time.

Hair Transplant in Turkey


The country has an upward graphical trend in the income of health tourism. In 2018, the country gained 1,5 billion dollars from 425,000 visitors. In 2019, the numbers increased to 555,000 patients with two billion dollars in revenue. And, in 2020, Nearly 1 million and 700 thousand visitors prefer Turkey in health tourism, and the income derived by medical tourism for Turkey exceeded 11 billion dollars only in just one year. The upward trend is believed to continue for a while as long as governments’ incentives for health tourism and good quality of staff, surgeons, clinics, and tools continues. In 2023, the revenue that is derived from the medical tourism sector is expected to be more than 20 billion dollars due to the country’s competitive advantage over its rivals in terms of price and quality in the medical tourism sector.

Hair Transplant In Turkey FAQ

How Long Should Patients Need To Stay In Turkey For A FUE Hair Transplant Operation

Patients generally stay in the hospital for more than 12 hours. Also, there is an examination and consulting process with experts. So, the suggested visit time in Turkey for an FUE hair transplant operation is 2 or 3 days.

The price of an FUE hair transplant surgery operation in Turkey ranges from $1,000 to $4,000. The price seems affordable and attractive for most European patients. Because patients can undergo an FUE hair transplant operation with the same service and perfection quality in the UK, the US, Canada, or in most parts of Europe with a price tag ranging from $10,000 to $15,000

  • Arranging an International or Local health insurance company to secure oneself
  • Researching Turkish doctors and Arranging medical meetings with experts in Turkey
  • Handling the accommodation reservations in Turkey
  • Making a plan for transportation to Istanbul or Antalya. For instance, to learn the map and destination points of the subway of the city.
  • Doing research and gathering information related to the service prices in Istanbul, such as dining, transportation, accommodation.
  • Learning about the Visa procedures of the country.
  • Having the documents of health reports and consultant papers.
  • Looking for means of contact with the Turkish doctors before, after, and during the operation process.

Patients need to wait up to six months to notice some significant effects of the hair transplant on hair growth rate. After a full year, the outcomes would be fully apparent. If the procedure was applied carefully, most hair transplant operations last for a lifetime as long as the patients take good care of hair follicles after the first two months of the surgery.

With its enhanced health tourism sector, Turkey is one of the most respected countries in hair transplant operations. Each year, hundreds of thousands of patients leave the country happily due to the state's experienced medical workers. Turkey outstands its attractive success rate after the hair transplant operation, high government incentives for the health tourism sector, and affordable prices.

Mostly, the hair transplant operation costs are relatively affordable in Turkey. The price per graft is 1.10 dollars, 0.85 euros, and 0.75 pounds. This means that for 3000 hair follicles, the price would be 3,300 dollars, 2,550 euros, and 2,250 pounds.

Turkey is so prevalent in the medical tourism sector, especially in hair transplant operations, due to its lower prices than in other states. It is mainly reasoned by the country's relatively lower exchange rates due to its currency. The Turkish Lira keeps losing its value against the Dollar, Euro, and Pound. Hence, the situation becomes very affordable for western tourists looking for cheap medical solutions. Also, Turkey is cheaper because the prices in Turkey are lower than the developed countries. This situation leads Turkey to become one of the best options in hair plant operations with countries’ affordable prices and equal and sometimes even more service quality.

The transplanted grafts are designed to be resistant to the baldness problem, so they are expected to grow hairs for a patient's lifetime supposing the patients strictly followed the expert's instructions about taking care of the hair grafts after the operation.

Undergoing into a hair transplant operation is well-cleaned, well-equipped clinics and hospitals of Istanbul, Antalya, or any other city of Turkey, provided with the most recent and modern techniques, services, and very experienced experts and surgeons, the success rate of the hair transplant operations are near to 99%. Patients shall note that they need to look for a clinic with a certification from the Ministry of Health of Turkey Republic. These clinics are approved locations by the government. In Turkey, to increase the success rate of the operation's outcomes, expert surgeons in Turkey transplant hair follicles with the most optimum angle, distance, and proper density to the problematic area of the patient's scalp.

Planted hair follicles are there to fill the balding part of the patient’s scalp. Because of the separately implanted hair follicles, the outcomes of the hair transplant operation might look unnatural. If it is done inattentively, the gap between the hair follicles might seem apparent. However, the procedure of hair transplants in Turkey is much more detailed.

Every three men out of 4 and a woman out of 4 suffer from hair loss problems. Some of the hair loss cases might be temporary due to the seasonal changes, the individual's stress level, and the effects of chemicals on shampoos. However, some hair loss cases are permanent and cannot be treated with medical intervention.

Followings are the benefits of having a hair transplant surgery:

Avoiding Long Term Medicational Support
The treatment for hair loss disease could take an extended period. Patients should regularly use medications and visit the doctor frequently. In contrast, post-operation treatment only requires pain killers to eliminate any chance of infectious reaction. Compared to long-term hair loss treatment, transplant surgery is a more time-efficient method.

Hair With A Natural Appearance
As the hair grafts are transferred from the sources of the same patient, and each hair follicle is planted carefully, the results of the process will often seem more natural than the weaving and the wigs.

A Higher Success Rate
There are some alternative solutions for hair loss situations. But none of them has the same level of success rate that is high as the hair transplant operation. Hence, most patients suffering from hair loss prefer surgery.

Provides Confidence
Some of the patients with hair loss issues tend to avoid socializing due to self-confidence loss. These patients feel more confident after the surgery and start to be more socialized.

Cost-Efficient Solution
The fixed price of the operation seems relatively higher compared to the other solutions. Yet, when considering the frequent doctor appointments and regular maintenance of the hair loss case with medications, medical treatments are more costly in the long run.

The patients shall be aware that the hair transplant operation cannot solve all the balding problems if the patients do not have enough hair grafts. Unlike most other organs, hair grafts of patients are heavily specialized for each of them. So, the donation of the follicles is a problematic process. However, the hair grafts amount on the hand indeed restores the density and the balding problem of the patient's remaining hair.

Hair Transplant Cost In Turkey


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3 Nights at 5-star hotel
2-way airport transfers
Nitrous-oxide analgesia system
Custodiol Graft-protect Solution
Blood tests
Medication, shampoo and moisturizer

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