Long Hair Transplant In Turkey

Long hair transplantation, which is requested by many people from abroad in Turkey, is among the most preferred operations today. In long hair transplantation, the hair is applied without shaving. In particular, care is taken to preserve the length of the long hair taken from the donor area. This hair transplantation is aimed to achieve an aesthetic appearance thanks to the hair whose length is preserved. In this method, the aim is to select healthy roots.

Thanks to the healthy roots, the processes are started appropriately. After the removal of the roots, these roots are placed in the balding area or in the places where thinning appears. Planting is done by paying attention to the direction of natural hair growth. In this way, it is tried to achieve the natural and aesthetic appearance desired by the patients. Source-> Long Hair Transplant In Turkey

Long Hair Transplant In Turkey

Long Hair Transplant In Turkey FAQ

How is Long Hair Transplantation Performed?

There are stages of long hair transplantation. The steps involved in this technique are:

  • No part of the hair is shaved before this technique is applied. Especially long hair is taken from the donor part at the back of the head.
  • Care is taken not to shorten the hair in these parts.
  • Then, these hairs are added to the sparse or shed area where hair is desired to be transplanted.
  • This process proceeds as in the FUE technique. No change is encountered.

There are some areas preferred by those who want to have a long hair transplant. These areas are generally known as the right and left sides of the forehead, and the partial areas in the hair tray. Hair loss is generally observed in these areas. Due to this hair loss, clarification and baldness occur in those areas. It is recommended that the best method for these areas with baldness and clarity is Long Hair FUE.

A medical pen device is required to perform long hair transplantation. The area determined for hair transplantation is determined and drawn with this pen device. Thus, the plan is formed. Then, hair follicles are taken from the nape area following the number of grafts. Generally, a graft amount is varying between 500-1000. With this graft amount, coding is done in a way that does not fall out and hair follicles are placed in the area where shedding is observed.

Long hair transplantation, which is recommended by most clinics in Turkey, has some advantages. These advantages are:

  • Since the preferred hair is long, the desired results will be seen after hair transplantation. In this way, the desired aesthetic appearance will emerge.
  • It is very unlikely to encounter scars after this procedure.
  • In this method, hair shortening is not requested. Since there is no such thing as cutting, patients can easily continue their social lives. They don't have to make any changes in their lives.
  • Thanks to long hair transplantation, the patient will begin to notice the density of the hair. Thanks to this planting, the patient will be psychologically satisfied.
  • Thanks to long hair transplantation, the desired results will be seen immediately. With this technique, which provides a natural appearance, fullness will be encountered in the hair.

Long hair transplantation is a successful method preferred by most people. If it is applied by the right clinic and expert surgeons, its disadvantages can be minimized. Some disadvantages you may encounter are:

  • The number of grafts to be transplanted in each session is limited. For this reason, you need specialists who will work carefully and diligently in the long hair transplant process.
  • It causes a longer process than other methods. Therefore, you may encounter a situation such as an increase in cost.
  • After hair transplantation, hair loss will occur within 4 weeks, as it is encountered in every transplantation. In this case, the process will proceed in the same way as in normal hair transplantation. After a while, you will be able to start to achieve the visual appearance you want.

Long hair transplantation has some differences compared to normal hair transplantation. In this process, the hair length is not touched in long hair transplantation. Particularly, the process is applied to the cut in the donor area. The hair in this area is taken in the same way. It is then added to the areas where shedding is observed in the same length. While this process is taking place, operations such as shaving or cutting are not encountered. As a result of hair transplantation, the hair length remains the same as before the transplantation.

In long hair transplantation, there are no situations that will show the transplantation after transplantation. Along with other hair transplants, redness is not visible due to long hair. The reason for this is because the hair is long, it closes the donor area. Thus, redness or swelling is not noticed from the outside. In this way, the recovery process after the operation is faster. The patient quickly achieves the desired natural hair appearance.

If the hair length on the back of the head, which is the donor area, exceeds 6 to 7 cm, this area will not be visible after the operation. The dressing is removed after 3 days. Due to the long hair, the donor area will be completely invisible.

The situations that occur during the long hair transplantation process are as follows:

  • Long hair does not interfere with a shaver or a cutting tool. In other words, nothing is applied that will affect the length of the hair.
  • There is a certain area for the collection of donors' hair. In this region, the hair is collected a long way. The length of the hair does not change.
  • The area chosen for hair removal is usually the back of the head. This region is called the donor region.
  • The long hair taken is transplanted to the area planned for hair transplantation in a long way. Thus, the person sees the result quickly after the hair transplant.
  • Long hair transplantation usually takes 7 hours. In this process, first of all, hair follicles are taken in 3 hours. In the next 1 hour, the channels are opened and it takes 3 hours to transfer the roots to the opened channels. The length of time may vary from person to person.

Long hair transplant prices vary according to the technique used and the people. FUE and DHI methods, which are among these methods, vary according to the preference of the person and the specialist. It is very important that the hair transplant specialist who will apply the treatment to you is experienced in his work and that his team is professional. The fees of institutions that meet these criteria are generally higher than normal hair transplants. This fee rate varies between 50 and 100 percent. If you are going to choose a long hair transplant in Turkey, the possible prices vary in the following ranges:

If the hair transplantation will be done with the FUE technique, it will be 1.200-2.500€, if it will be done with long hair transplantation, it will vary between 1.500 and 3.000€.

If long hair transplantation will be done with the FUT technique, the price varies between 4.100 - 5100€

What is the Success Rate in Long Hair Transplantation?

Long hair transplantation is performed painlessly with local anesthesia. After this operation process takes place, the doctor's recommendations should be especially listened to. You will have to follow the rules asked of you and follow the instructions. Thus, you can have a faster recovery process. In addition, the advice of doctors will be to rest for the first 3 days after the operation. In this way, it will be possible for you to have a faster recovery process.

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