Veneers are a cosmetic dentistry treatment option that dentists employ to replace discolored or damaged teeth, making them seem better in appearance.

Traditionally, veneers have been constructed of porcelain and have required extensive tooth preparation to ensure that they are suitable for placement.

A particular form of veneer that does not need this preparation, known as lumineers (laminate veneers), is exclusively available from a few numbers of dentists.

Lumineers in Turkey

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What Exactly Are Lumineers?

A lumineer is a transparent dental veneer that is as thin as a contact lens (0.2mm) and built of porcelain and composite. Because of the thick construction of conventional veneers, it is necessary to file and trim the teeth. However, with lumineers, there is no need to cut or shape the tooth during the procedure of placing the veneers on the teeth. Additionally, no local anesthetic is necessary for the administration of lumineers. Clinical trials have shown that Lumineers may be used for more than 20 years without losing their effectiveness. They can restore a long-lasting and aesthetically beautiful smile to teeth that are discolored or misshapen. The famous treatment for those who desire a flawless smile has lately gained popularity among those who wish to achieve this goal.

There are several different kinds of Lumineers. Porcelain laminates are created in a dental laboratory in accordance with your teeth, following the preparation and guidance provided by your dentist. Porcelain laminates are then formed in a dental laboratory in accordance with your teeth. Composite laminates may be created in a single visit and are thus can be more cost-effective. Yet it is less long-lasting than other materials. Lumineers, which are manufactured as thin as contact lenses and do not cause any abrasion to the teeth, are a kind of dental restoration that is specifically designed. That is why it has a certification and is warrantied.

The following are examples of scenarios in which a lumineer is required:

  • Laminate dental veneers may be used to correct crookedness and deformities in patients' front teeth, which stops them from smiling as attractively as they would otherwise.
  • Laminate tooth coating can be applied if the patient’s teeth are fractured or damaged for any cause. This will allow the teeth to be repaired.
  • Laminated dental veneers may be used to lengthen the length of teeth to provide a more aesthetically pleasing smile.
  • Laminated tooth veneers may be manufactured if the desired outcome cannot be achieved after teeth whitening or if patients have dark teeth.
  • Patients’ deteriorated front teeth are cleaned and repaired with laminate dental veneers, which help to restore the natural appearance of their teeth.
  • For those patients who do not want braces therapy owing to cosmetic concerns, as well as those who have split teeth, this is an excellent treatment option.

Just with any dental treatment, lumineers are very personal and require certain circumstances to serve its’ 100% effect. The following are some for patients for whom laminate veneers are not an option.

  • Patients with jaw condition concerns
  • Patients who are experiencing gingival recession
  • Patients who have a propensity of grinding their teeth may find that the laminate tooth covering treatment does not provide them with adequate benefit. Consequently, laminate tooth covering will not be used as a preventative measure until these issues are resolved.
  • Individuals who have habits such as nail-biting or pen biting

A consultation session between the patient and the dentist which allows the dentist to discover what the patient anticipates after the operation is the first step of a Lumineers treatment. Patients’ expectations are taken into consideration while creating the model and they are fully informed about the potential outcomes as well as the procedure of the therapy that will be performed. It is necessary to conduct inspections and controls in order to identify whether or not someone is acceptable for laminate tooth veneer treatment. The following are the other processes that must be completed to manufacture a laminated tooth veneer:

  • Local anesthetic is administered to the patients prior to the beginning of the treatment. The region to be treated is numbed to allow patients to continue the therapy in greater comfort. At this point, the teeth are rasped to a smooth finish.
  • Precision and attention are used in measuring the teeth that will be veneered.
  • It takes time for the patients to be ready for the second treatment, and there is a waiting period involved. The treatment may be resumed once a waiting time of about 1 week has passed.
  • Patients do not need to be concerned if their teeth get sensitive throughout the treatment.
  • Following the preparation of the teeth and molds that will be used on the patients, a practice session is conducted. A rehearsal is used to check for issues such as color compatibility and the appearance of the coating on the tooth surface.
  • The procedure of attaching the coatings is initiated if the dentist and patient are pleased with the pattern that has been created after the rehearsal session has taken place. It takes around 2 hours for the coating to become adherent.

The most significant benefit of Lumineers veneers is that there is no need for any tooth preparation (carving, filing, etc.). That is why there is no need for an anesthetic which means there are no risks associated with this procedure. Individuals who are unable to obtain anesthesia may still be able to benefit from these applications in certain cases. Because the coatings may be applied and removed with relative ease, they are convenient to use in everyday situations. Also, the white tones that have been created may be employed in the same tones for a lengthy period. Thus, a lumineer may be utilized as a replacement to implants in certain cases.

There is no such thing as a lumineer covering that is prone to flaking off. With the advancement of technology, specific adhesives are being employed to adhere the coatings together. There is no chance of the coatings falling since they have been firmly bonded using sophisticated procedures. It is also reflected in the pricing of lumineers that the expenses of the specialized processes utilized are covered.

The suggestions for individuals who have Lumineers treatment are intended to ensure that the coatings be utilized for a long time while maintaining their quality. Regular follow-up appointments after therapy are included at the outset of these suggestions. Approximately every 6 months, it is recommended that you inspect your coatings.

It is important to remember that since there will be foreign materials on the teeth following Lumineers treatments, caution should be used while eating and drinking. Following the therapy, it is vital to be cautious about ingesting meals that are either too hot or too cold for the patient.

Patients should also clean their teeth and coatings very well after this treatment to get the desired effects. Special kinds of toothpaste may be used for this purpose, and if other items for oral care are required, they can be used.

The endurance of Lumineers coating treatments is expected to be much greater than that of traditional coating applications. Even though this time does not have a defined duration, it is regarded vital to conduct frequent inspections. Depending on the changes in tooth architecture, there may be procedures that need the replacement of veneers as well. It is essential to discover whether there are any difficulties throughout the six-month controls to do this.

If the dentists' suggestions are followed, it is feasible to wear the veneer as often as desired without having to worry about it needing to be replaced. Consequently, it is important to carefully consider the advice made after the conclusion of the treatment.

It is sufficient for the patients to maintain their lumineers by following the same oral hygiene regimen that they use for their natural teeth under normal circumstances. They should clean their teeth at least three times a day regularly. They may also assist with dental hygiene by providing supplies such as tooth floss.

If you have had a Lumineers treatment you have the right to request that these restorations, be removed at any time. The procedure of removing the coating is completely painless and without agony. Following the removal of the veneers, natural teeth may be employed in the same manner as previously, or a different application can be conducted based on the preferences or demands of the patients. The procedure of removing the Lumineers Coating is rather quick.

For Lumineers, high-quality, ultra-thin porcelain material is used in the fabrication process. Natural teeth do not have any distortion in their structure since there is no abrasion or other weakening process taking place on the teeth throughout their growth. After having Lumineers placed on natural teeth, those who desire a white and smooth tooth structure may enjoy the delight of having an attractive smile without the hesitation of harming their natural teeth.


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