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Women’s bodies undergo significant processes of childbirth and nursing, which are both life-altering events. First and foremost, the female body, which changes in line with pregnancy and childbirth, changes naturally throughout the nursing phase. The goal of Mommy Makeover is to restore the body’s natural shape by removing the alterations that occur in the female body as a result of these changes.

In the concept of Mommy Makeover, there is a holistic approach to the body. Despite the fact that abdomen, breast cosmetic surgery, and liposuction can all be done independently, in Mommy Makeover, the body is handled as a whole. When the whole body is treated during an operation, the outcomes are far more comprehensive and satisfying than when just part of the body is handled.

Mommy Makeover in Turkey

Mommy Makeover in Turkey FAQ

What is Mommy Makeover and How Can You Get One?

Three to five hours are required for Mommy Makeover, which is utilized by women who want to restore their body structure to that which existed before pregnancy. Based on the overall state of the patient's abdomen, the surgeon may choose whether a complete tummy tuck or a little stomach tuck should. Putting the breasts into their desired shape eliminates issues like growth, shriveling, and sagging that have arisen as a result of the current state of affairs. Regional fat tissues may be eliminated using liposuction if it is judged required, and sculpting can be done in the desired parts of the body if it is deemed necessary.

After giving birth and nursing, the majority of women will suffer drooping or sagging breasts. The abdomen region may also become less taut, and the skin may get looser as a result of this. When a significant amount of weight is gained and lost, there may be increased fat and loosening in regions such as the inside surfaces of the arms and thighs, among other places. As a result, a variety of surgical and non-surgical therapies for the breasts and abdomen might be planned.

The waist, belly, and breast regions are the areas where the most substantial changes are noted throughout the delivery and nursing process. Although these regions seem to be separate entities, they are really interconnected and impact one another. As a result, the likelihood of achieving the ideal body shape improves with the coordinated planning of numerous applications and the execution of procedures in these areas.

Mommy Makeover involves the treatment of all body areas that are naturally distorted during pregnancy, delivery, and lactation. In this context, the belly, hips, and breast regions may be classified as the areas covered by a Mommy Makeover, and vaginal aesthetics can also be included in this scope.

Women who have just given birth and who have finished the nursing phase are candidates for Mommy Makeover cosmetic procedures. Mothers are more likely to resort to this procedure after giving birth since the most visible changes in the female body occur during pregnancy and these changes manifest themselves as physical deformations after delivery.

Following the delivery and nursing phases, the changes that take place in the body in order to give life to a new living creature manifest themselves as drooping skin structures, birth fissures, sagging, loosening, and discharges in the breasts, among other things. Sagging and fat around the waist and belly develop as a result of the relaxation of the abdominal wall. Furthermore, when the milk glands have worked hard and the breasts have grown, the breasts lose their shape and become misshapen because of the process. People who are experiencing these physical changes in their bodies might seek treatment via Mommy Makeover.

Women who have experienced the above-mentioned physical changes due to significant weight loss or old age might also benefit from maternity aesthetics treatments.

Patients should go into this procedure with the understanding that they will be unable to undertake strenuous work for around 7-10 days and should arrange their work accordingly. Depending on the patient's condition, liposuction (fat removal), stomach tuck, breast lift, fat injection into the breast, volume increase, and breast prosthesis are all considered, and a combination surgery is performed to obtain the form that is the closest to the patient's previous form. After the surgery, patients may gradually return to their regular lives after being hospitalized for two days and recovering at home for the next seven to ten days after the procedure. It takes around three months for your body to reach its full state.

In order to have a successful Mommy Makeover surgery, it is vital to refrain from taking aspirin and from smoking for three weeks before the procedure. Drugs and herbal foods that might dilute the bloodstream should be avoided during the final week prior to the procedure. It is recommended that you avoid using pain relievers, vitamins, red products such as green tea, flaxseeds, cherry stalk, tomato seeds, and excessive garlic consumption. It is also not recommended to utilize weight-loss products or medications. Avoiding foods that may induce constipation for three days before surgery is a wise precaution.

In certain cases, doing combination procedures on obese patients might be hazardous to their health. Candidates contemplating Mommy Makeover should have a body mass index of 30 or below in order to be considered. Patients must, as a result, lose enough weight to reach a weight that they can maintain prior to having Mommy Makeover, which is both vital for their health and assures a better outcome from the procedure.

Pregnancy has an especially negative impact on thin women. This is because the protrusion seen in women of this type is actually caused by the fact that the abdominal muscles, which have lost their tension, are unable to adequately support the intra-abdominal organs. Despite the fact that the excess skin is minimal the organs are pushed outward and cause the protrusion to appear. Pregnancy and delivery have a varied effect on each individual woman. However, there are certain frequent issues that arise during pregnancy. These include a bulging belly, loose skin on the chest, scars and fissures on the abdomen, as well as fat difficulties.

It is usually stated by patients that breast lift surgery is not a painful procedure. Tummy tuck surgery is associated with just minor discomfort. It is most noticeable in the first 2-3 days after a tummy tuck, and it subsides after 2-3 days after the procedure. During the procedure, local anesthetic medicines that act on the abdomen wall for a lengthy period of time are supplied to help manage the pain in the early stages of the recovery period. Despite the fact that some discomfort is noticed the following day, patients' primary complaint is tension rather than pain. It is possible that liposuction to the waist region may cause some discomfort as well.

Yes, without a doubt. If the individual desires, she may have another kid. Women who do not wish to have children in the future might benefit from the treatment since the outcomes are more accurate and long-lasting than they would otherwise acquire. Because the patient will go through the same pregnancy processes again if she decides to have another kid, she will feel mild sagging and loosening in her body, but her body will not be distorted to the extent that it was during the first pregnancy process. Another thing to keep in mind is breast reduction surgery which can be performed in Mommy Makeovers has no effect on the ability to breastfeed. It does not affect the length of the nursing too. Patients with big breasts, who are the exceptions, may have a limitation in their ability to breastfeed because of the procedures used during the operation, which are unusual.

Patients' cosmetic concerns in the belly, waist, and chest may be effectively addressed with Mommy Makeovers, with results that are long-lasting. In the event of severe weight gain and loss, as well as becoming pregnant again after the operation, the results will naturally deteriorate, but they will never revert to their previous condition.

Maintaining outcomes after maternity cosmetic surgery is dependent on leading a healthy and regular lifestyle. Those who want to maintain their maternal looks should keep an eye on their weight and consume a well-balanced diet. It is critical that they do not lose too much weight and that they maintain a healthy weight distribution. Alcohol intake should be restricted to minimize intra-abdominal fat, which would be beneficial for them. A regular workout program may assist to strengthen the abdominal muscles and maintain the tight abdominal look that has been achieved via surgery.

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