Neck Lift in Turkey

Depending on various factors, sagging and wrinkles may occur in the area under the chin over time. Some of these factors are aging, weight gain, and genetics. Sagging under the chin can make the person look older than they are. In excess weight loss, skin sagging is, unfortunately, an inevitable condition.

The best option to deal with this and similar reasons is neck lifting. Due to the deterioration of the skin’s collagen tissue, the damage caused by the sun to the skin, and the thickening of the skin tissue over time, neck lift surgery has now become essential. Aesthetic problems in the neck area should be repaired by a specialist surgeon.

Neck Lift in Turkey

Neck Lift in Turkey FAQ

How is neck lift performed?

General anesthesia is applied to the person first. A small incision is made starting in front of the ear. If there is excess fat under the chin, it is removed by liposuction. In some cases, it is also possible to place an implant in the chin to stretch the skin under the chin. Neck lift, which can be applied with many different methods, is an easy and effortless operation.

Before the neck lift, blood thinners such as Asprin should be discontinued in order to minimize bleeding during the procedure. Patients who will undergo neck lift should quit smoking 3 weeks before the operation. There will be post-operative scars around the neck and chin. If you are bothered by the scars and want to hide them, it will be beneficial to keep your hair long.

After neck lift surgery, the patient remains under observation for one day and is discharged the next day. To prevent swelling in the area, it may be beneficial to apply a cold compress around the neck where the operation is performed and it relaxes the patient. The patient should wait 2 days to take a shower after the surgery. It is possible and normal to feel numb for a few weeks. While dressing, combing hair and applying make-up, the neck area should be treated sensitively. To prevent possible damage, physical and sexual activities should be avoided for at least 2 months. The patient should use sunscreen creams regularly for 6 months and protect themselves from the sun. Swelling and bruises disappear about 3 weeks after the surgery.

Causes of neck lift deterioration may include loosening and sagging of the neck skin, growth of subcutaneous fat and muscles, small jaw skeletal structure, drooping hyoid bone structure, and enlarged salivary glands. For this reason, it is recommended for the patient to have the neck lift operation performed in a specialist clinic and to meticulously comply with the post-operative precautions.

Neck lift surgery is usually applied to make people look younger. It is suitable for anyone who is bothered by this condition, as aging marks on the neck area make the person look older than they are. People who want to have neck lift aesthetics should be healthy and non-smokers in their normal lives. Individuals are asked to have realistic expectations from surgery. People who have problems such as wrinkles and sagging in the neck region who are considering facelift surgery may also consider neck lift with facelift surgery. Otherwise, a young face/old neck image will appear and this may cause an undesirable appearance.

Before preparing for neck lift surgery, you should inform your doctor about your medical history, any allergies, smoking and drug use. Complications of this surgery increase in patients who smoke, so the surgery shows more accurate effects in non-smokers. After neck lift surgery, corsets that allow the skin to heal in accordance with the new neck contour can be used. Drains that expel blood and fluid accumulation are used in the surgery. After the operation, the drains are removed in 2-3 days and the stitches are removed in 5-7 days. Within 7-10 days, bruises and swellings will decrease at a level that will not affect your social life. After the neck lift surgery, it is possible to return to social activities after 2-3 weeks of rest.

Special surgical suture materials are used for the sensitive neck area during the surgery. As with any operation, the chance of scarring is minimal. All incisions applied during the surgery are made in accordance with the natural folds of the skin and the scars are invisible because they are closed with folds. There is a possibility of scarring after every surgery, but in a professional clinic, this probability is almost 0. It is not possible to leave a trace that will affect the social life of the patient.

If the patient who underwent neck lift surgery carefully follows the post-operative instructions and treats the neck area sensitively, this period will of course be extended. Under normal conditions, neck lift surgery lasts between 6 and 8 years. The surgery can have a longer lasting effect in non-smokers. Although this period varies from person to person; in order for the transformation to be permanent for a long time, the patient is expected to pay attention to the relevant area after the surgery.

Neck lift surgery is usually preferred together with facelift. Neck lift is also recommended along with facelift for patients who prefer facelift application. Otherwise, while the face is rejuvenated, the neck area will reveal the age of the person with problems such as wrinkles and sagging, and an undesirable appearance will appear. For this reason, experts also recommend neck lift to patients who prefer facelift.

Of course, it is normal to observe swelling and edema in the relevant area after neck lift and is not something to be afraid of. These swellings and edemas decrease to a great extent within 7 days in direct proportion to the patient's skin sensitivity and the care applied, and the person becomes re-adapted to social life. Although the complete disappearance of swelling and edema may vary from person to person, usually all edema and swelling disappear within 3 weeks.

All operations have risks of bleeding and infection as side effects. However, these side effects are very rare in neck lift operation. There is nothing to be afraid of if you perform your surgery in a specialist clinic and pay attention to the pre- and post-operative instructions.

Of course, neck lift operation does not stop aging. Aging is a natural process. However, through the neck lift, it reduces the appearance of aging and you age from a younger neck area. In other words, you will look younger than you are in the long run and you will not have to deal with problems such as wrinkles and sagging.

Mini neck lift operation, unlike neck lift, is the reshaping of the existing area. That is, the saggy skin under the neck and chin is tightened and removed. The aim is to make the neck look younger than it is and to reposition and shape the saggy skin to provide a smoother and desired youthful appearance. However, it is not as permanent an operation as a neck lift. If you have a second thougt about neck lift, you can get an idea by first applying a mini neck lift.

Since the operation is performed under general anesthesia, the patient does not feel any pain. It is normal to feel slight swelling and pain for a few weeks after the surgery, but this is not unbearable.

The chin strap should be used regularly for the first two weeks after surgery. You should wear it while eating, showering, cleaning the area. The strap prevents sagging by supporting the area after the surgery.

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