Otoplasty in Turkey

Aesthetic posture is very important today. Proportional ears according to face shape are important parts that add beauty to your beauty. If you have a problem with your ears, the experts in this business are professionals who have achieved many successes in Turkey. Thanks to the modern technology and speed they use, they have received many awards. You will be able to return to your normal life on the same day after the operation is successful. Thanks to otoplasty, you will be able to have an aesthetic face.

The otoplasty operation aims to make the defective ears more artistic. These practices, which are frequently made in Turkey, have made a big impact. They are aesthetic wonders that are highly compatible with facial features. It is preferred because the operation is easy and in a short time.

Otoplasty in Turkey

Otoplasty in Turkey FAQ

What is otoplasty?

Otoplasty; It is an operation that aims to create the most natural ear structure suitable for the person's facial features. Ears are the most important part of the face and how they look is very important. Deformities in the ears may have occurred due to mishaps during birth. Or there may be loss of limb as a result of an accident. Or it is an operation that can be applied to patients who are not satisfied with the appearance of their ears.

Prominent ear problem is most common in children. It is also found in adults. It will be an easier process for the individual to be diagnosed and treated at an early age.

There is no age limit, it can be applied to any age. It is recommended to be done at a young age, it allows children to easily skip the operation process. It can be started as soon as the cartilage development begins to be completed.

Cartilage development begins to be completed from the age of 4-5. It will be better to have surgery without losing the elastic structure of the cartilage.

Having surgery at an early age means getting rid of this problem for a moment. The operation performed at a young age will be better for child psychology.

The biggest problem of school-age children with prominent ears is that they are mocked. Children can criticize each other harshly. Children with prominent ears are exposed to ridicule and exclusion.

There is no specific age restriction. Surgery can be performed at any age. Having surgery will turn you into a completely different person.

There is nothing to fear. It is a very easy surgery. Thanks to a short operation, it allows being discharged on the same day. People who have not undergone general anesthesia can continue their lives on the same day.

Post-operative bleeding:
Although not common, minor bleeding may occur. If there is intense pain in the ear, the surgical area should be cleaned and a doctor should be consulted.

Infection of the ear:
Performing the surgery healthily reduces the risk of infection. In severe pain, fever and burning, a doctor should be consulted immediately.

Separation of the wound:

As with any surgery, this requires good care. Taking care of it clean will shorten the recovery time gradually. The operation to be performed does not require stitches and the recovery period will take 1-2 weeks at most.

Prominent ear surgery is among the operations with the least risk. In the postoperative period, blood collection and inflammation may occur, although very rarely. You can take precautions by applying the right care to your ear.

The prominent ear is a very common condition. There is no problem with the function of the ear. It is not a harmful disease. The deformity in the ears does not fit the aesthetic perception. People who are disturbed by their appearance want to have surgery

First, the type of anesthesia to be applied is determined depending on the age and physical condition of the patient. While local anesthesia is applied in adults, general anesthesia is applied in children. The operation is performed by making an incision behind the ear. The aim is to bring the ear closer to the head. Ear structure and position can be changed to correct the damage to the ear. To correct such damaged conditions, operations are performed using cartilage taken from a part of the body.

The duration of the operation varies according to the shape of the ear. The operation time usually takes 45-90 minutes. Ear bands should be used to protect the new shape of the ear after surgery.

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