Unshaven Hair Transplant In Turkey

Unshaven hair transplantation, which is one of the most preferred operations in Turkey recently, is increasing its popularity. People sometimes show the importance they attach to their hair in different ways of defining it. While many people want to have a hair transplant, they give up because of shaving. In this case, unshaven hair transplantation has emerged. Because of the long hair, which is especially liked by women, shaving is not considered very warmly. For this reason, unshaven hair transplantation is developed and offered to people. It is observed that this method, which is preferred by many people, is successful in its results. It is possible to encounter some options in unshaven hair transplantation with DHI and FUE techniques.

After choosing your treatment method with professional experts, you will be able to have your operations in Turkey by providing the best conditions. After a short period of recovery, your process will be completed. Source-> Unshaven Hair Transplant in Turkey

Unshaven Hair Transplant In Turkey

Unshaven Hair Transplant In Turkey FAQ

Why Do Patients Prefer Unshaven Hair Transplantation?

Patients are hesitant to shave their hair for some reason. These reasons are:

  • Women with long hair may face traumatic events as a result of shaving their hair.
  • Hair transplants performed on a shaved head are visible. Patients may be uncomfortable with this situation.
  • Due to the business life of the patients, shaved hair may not be appropriate. Because of this restriction, they prefer unshaven hair transplantation.
  • With DHI hair transplantation, people are provided with unshaven hair transplantation.

There are some options for patients who want unshaven hair transplantation. These options are:

  • Only the part from which the donor will be taken can be shaved.
  • If there is a small area on the head that cannot be detected and cannot be seen with the naked eye, this can be partially shaved off.
  • With the completely unshaven option, hair transplantation can be performed without shaving.
  • Patients can choose what they want from these options and send them to their doctors. In this way, the operation will take place accordingly.

Unshaven hair transplantation options are divided into two, partially and fully. The details of these haircuts are:

Hair transplantation with partial shaving: It is an operation in which a certain area of ​​the head is partially shaved. In this operation, the part in the donor area determined is shaved. Then this region closes in an undetectable way.

Complete unshaven hair transplant: In this hair transplant, there is no need for shaving to remove hair follicles. After the donor area is determined, hair transplantation is provided without shaving that area.

It is up to the doctor's review to find out which of the unshaven options is right for the patient. During the examination process, your doctor examines the vertex area. If there is severe hair loss in this area, a large amount of graft will be required. In this case, your head will need to be shaved. The amount of this graft varies between 3000 and 4000. During hair transplantation planning, the doctor decides during the examination. This will begin your treatment.

Partially shaved hair transplantation is generally applied to patients who need 2800 grafts or less. In this hair transplantation, partial shaving is applied on the back of the patient's head or inside the hair. In this way, the shaved area is hidden and prevented from being exposed. Particular attention is paid to identifying the areas where the shaving can be stored easily. To ensure that the shaved area is completely covered, it is recommended that the hair be extended by the doctor. In this way, covering is provided and the shaved area is prevented from coming into view.

If partially shaved hair transplantation is provided by professional experts and reliable clinics, it will take place without any harm to health. But the possible situations you may encounter are:

  • You may need more than one session for the treatment to achieve the desired result. The duration of the sessions is at least 6 months. But this will not hinder you to achieve the desired result.
  • Since the area used as a donor is limited, excessive hair growth may occur.
  • It is a costly operation. The processing fee will vary according to your hair type.

Unshaven hair transplantation is usually performed if it is suitable to cover hair loss with 1000 follicular units. If only a small area needs to be removed, it will be recommended to perform an unshaven session by the doctor. A rotary stapler is used during this unshaven hair transplant. The process is started with this instrument to separate the roots from the tissue attachments. Follicular units are removed in such a way that the hair does not lose its length. It is then cut down to the root. This technique is known as the DHI technique. The grafts taken are planted in balding areas where thinning is seen. After the transplant, the patient will experience the loss of the newly transplanted hair in the first few weeks. This situation is included in the hair transplant procedure.

Unshaven hair transplantation has some advantages. These advantages are:

  • The shaved area disappears. It appears to be inconspicuous.
  • The patient must comply with the characteristics of the partially shaved hair transplant procedure. It is desirable to have long hair.
  • After the operation, cases such as crusting that may occur due to the hair taken from the donor area are not encountered.
  • Since the number of grafts is small, the recovery period is shorter. Therefore, the patient recovers faster.

Even if completely unshaven hair transplantation has some disadvantages, it is an operation that will result in success thanks to the trained and experienced surgeon. The grafts to be applied are determined following the hair density required to satisfy the patients. The amount of graft used in a single session in the DHI method is less than in the FUE method. However, this amount is increasing with the developing technology today.

  • The patient will experience shedding after the operation. This shedding will occur between the 2nd and 4th weeks. Shedding of transplanted grafts is a normal process.
  • The process of people who prefer the DHI method may take longer than other transplants. However, if successful results are to be obtained, this method may also be suitable. In addition, the cost may increase due to the stages of the DHI method.

The proportion of people who prefer unshaven hair transplantation varies over time. Results based on general data are as follows:

  • People who prefer partially shaved and completely unshaven hair transplantation are generally women with long hair. There are also some men.
  • Before the hair transplantation, the majority of patients prefer the shaving method. This is due to the graft.
  • 4 percent of the patients who want to have a hair transplant prefer the partial shaving method. The people in this section are generally women who do not want to lose their hair.

In general, unshaven hair transplantation does not come to the fore in hair transplantation preference. People prefer hair transplantation with the shaving method.

The majority of people who have hair transplantation without shaving their hair are satisfied. However, patients who want better results often suggest that shaving is the better solution. The advice of doctors before the operation is in favor of shaving the hair. Because the number of grafts will be limited in the unshaven sowing. Therefore, some effects may occur on the natural appearance. You should also contact a professional specialist to choose the hair transplant that is suitable for you. In this way, you can choose the hair transplantation that is suitable for your hair with the preliminary interview that will be provided to you.

Since the hair is not cut in unshaven hair transplantation, a humid environment may be encountered. In this case, infections may occur in the donor area due to the humid environment. Therefore, you should carefully examine the protocol your doctor will give you. You should pay attention to the details in this process where you need to make an effort in terms of cleaning. You should keep that area hygienically following all the cleaning rules that your doctor will recommend to you. If you provide the right cleaning conditions, you will not encounter bad situations in your operation. Hygiene and cleanliness are the most important elements in unshaven hair transplantation. That's why you should listen to your doctor's advice with proper care.

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