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Vaser liposuction is the technique of eliminating fat from different sections of the body with ultrasonographic sound waves, which are used in the procedure.

Vaser lipo is a cutting-edge technique that uses ultrasonic sound waves to break down fats, which are then inhaled in liquid form. Thus, the wavy surface look that might arise after liposuction does not occur after the Vaser procedure.

The sound waves utilized in the Vaser liposuction procedure solely target fat cells and, in contrast to other treatments, do not cause harm to any other tissues that are vital to the patient (such as connective tissue, vessels, and nerves).

Patients may return to their regular routines in a short period after undergoing this liposuction procedure.

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Vaser Lipo in Turkey FAQ

What Is the Procedure of Vaser Liposuction Surgery?

Vaser liposuction is conducted in a fully prepared hospital operating room under required operating room circumstances just as other types of surgical procedures. Using general anesthesia, a solution is injected into the tissues via 3-4 mm incisions. Then, using sound waves delivered from the tip of tiny probes with a diameter of 2-3 mm, it emulsifies the fat cells in small groups (fluid liquid) inside the adipose tissue.

These lipids, which turn liquid after this application, are sucked out of the body using millimeter-thin cannulas and collected in special sterile chambers outside the body for further processing. When applied correctly, it lends form to a sculpture in the region where it is submitted. That is why precise work is necessary. More emphasis may be placed on other muscle transitions and boundaries. These fat cells have not been damaged, and they can retain their life in the place where they are injected after being retrieved. For instance, this fat may be used to raise and expand the breasts in women, as well as to lift and firm the buttocks in males. By positioning the fat tissues beneath the chest muscle, the look of the muscles in males may be enhanced more. Along with these, the parts of the face that collapse and melt with age may be rejuvenated and given a more youthful look using these tissues. The length of the operation is determined by the breadth of the region to be treated as well as the number and kind of additional treatments to be carried out during it.

It is not possible to injure nerves and blood vessels with Vaser liposuction because of its fat-selective nature. The cannulas used in Vaser liposuction do not have grater blades, so the fat is not removed by harming the nerves and blood vessels as is the case with other methods of fat removal. This reduces the amount of bruising and edema experienced after the procedure. Using the Vaser device's modes, the skin is warmed up while the ultrasonic probe circulates under the surface of the skin, boosting the tightening of the skin and decreasing the likelihood of sagging.

The main difference between this procedure and traditional liposuction is that it is painless, and the recovery is much shorter. While regional fat is pushed to a liquid state and removed using ultrasonic sound waves in Vaser liposuction, traditional liposuction breaks down and removes it. This way with Vaser liposuction, fat removal is more convenient and quicker. Also, Vaser liposuction has the potential to remove much more fat as this procedure prevents unnecessarily excessive blood loss, results in a speedier healing process, and allows for the restoration of healthy skin development.

Fat cells retain their viability after a Vaser liposuction procedure. Vaser liposuction allows the fat that has been removed from the patient to be transferred to other portions of the patient that need it. Usually, women like to have fat added to the buttocks or chest region, whilst males prefer to have fat added to the chest area to seem muscular. There is no connective tissue injury and no damage to the arteries detected throughout this procedure. However, wearing a corset after Vaser liposuction as well as traditional liposuction is highly advised.

The recovery time after Vaser liposuction is much less than the recovery time following a traditional procedure. One week following the procedure, the individual notices a significant change in appearance.

If you have stubborn fat, you may be a good candidate for Vaser lipotherapy. It is often not viable to accomplish regional thinning by food and exercise consistently. Also, it is possible that some patients’ fat distribution can be uneven, resulting in a disproportionate look in certain areas of the body. If you have a disproportionate look Vaser can be a solution for you. Vaser lipo is a non-invasive procedure that may be used to efficiently reduce stubborn body fat in humans of all ages.

As a result of the intervention of the fat under the skin, the body begins to tighten. This does not have any negative effects on the skin. The most perplexing question in Vaser lipo is whether there is a trace of the procedure. Because it is a small surgical procedure, there will be no visible scarring. The last remnants of minor scratches are also completely gone in a short time. It is suggested by medical professionals that you wear a corset following the procedure. This provides you with a tighter, more natural-looking appearance. The usage of a seasonal corset is advised if the individual underwent surgery during the summer. A corset should be worn for a minimum of three weeks.

After the procedure, the patient may be required to remain in the hospital for one day; however, most of the time, the patient is sent home the same day. Everyone's body is different, but most people can return to their regular lives within a few days. A little amount of swelling, bruising, and redness is to be expected after surgery. Vaser lipo is no different from any other procedure in that it is a common occurrence. When comparing young individuals to the elderly, it is a procedure that is often suggested by the latter. The recuperation time for children and adolescents is shorter and more rapid. The consumption of lean and wholegrain meals should be prioritized to avoid regaining weight after the procedure. Following Vaser lipo, patients must boost their water intake. Water is both edematous and weight-loss-inhibiting since it boosts the metabolism and reduces calorie intake.

In addition, patients should avoid meals that will fatigue their stomach and attempt to eat as many fruits and vegetables as they possibly can. Finally, they should not take a break from their athletic activities, which are the unavoidable golden rule of a healthy lifestyle.

Since the Vaser lipo device is targeted to adipose tissue and does not injure muscles, arteries, or connective tissue, the recovery time after a Vaser lipo operation is quite short. This is the reason why you will be able to resume your usual life within almost three days. It takes roughly one month for the skin to return to its natural structure once the edema has been entirely removed from the body. Following this period, curving and fine lines become more visible.

The use of a Vaser device may eliminate breast growth in males, which can be caused by a variety of different factors. In addition, the Vaser device has a significant impact on hardened breast tissue, as previously stated. Ultrasonic sound waves are used to melt the fat that has developed in the breast tissue, which is then removed, and the skin is tightened. The procedure is one of the most efficient ways of male breast augmentation. That is why a lot of male patients prefer Vaser liposuction as a solution to their breast problems.

After 14-16 years of age, the amount of fat cells in the body does not expand anymore. In response to an increase in the volume of these cells, obesity arises. Vaser Liposuction (ultrasonic liposuction) results in a reduction in the number of fat cells in the body locations where it is conducted. Because Vaser liposuction reduces the number of fat cells in the body, even if weight is acquired for whatever reason, the procedure will always keep its beneficial position as compared to the previous procedure. Since Vaser lipo achieves a ratio, there will be a proportionate weight increase and loss in the event of weight rise or loss. If proper attention is given to one's eating habits and nutrition is not overdone, one's proportionate and fit look will persist.

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